A.M.E Zion Church on Berry Street in Montrose, Pennyslvania

Sweet the repose beneath the wings o’ershading,
But sweeter still to wake and find Thee there.

This photo was taken during a runion of the church’s congregation and families in 1943. Shown in the photo are: (front row) Frederick Burgh, Jeanne Burgh, Mary Lee Denton, George Reid, Jr., Calvin Bobian, Curtis Burgh, Jennie Burgh, Sally Reid, Betty Reid, James Bobian; (second row) Larry Reid, Jr., Dot Reid, Susan Henry, Ella Case, Irene Burgh Gooden, King Bobian; (third row) Jesse Thompson, Arthur Harris, Alice Bobian, Cassie Braithwaite Henry, Nellie Washington, Julia K. Cuff, Joe Small; (fourth row) Edith Thompson, George Reid, Sr. ; (top row) Ella Thompson, Mildred Henry, Walter Thompson, Ezekiel Middleton, Larry Reid, Sr..

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  1. My great great grandfather, James Phoenix lived in Wilkes-Barre and owned three canal barges that carried coal down to Havre de Grasse, Md. Via the Susquehanna canal during the early 19th century.
    He ended up bringing escape slaves back up the river under the tarps they used to cover the coal on return trips. The Gildersleeves and farmers from upstate New York and Pennsylvania carried them from Wilkes-Barre further north on their buckboards and on the stage to Syracuse, traveling up the old Sullivan Trail, route 29. Many of the escape slaves ended up settling in and around what became Montrose. James’s oldest sons married into that population. As a matter of fact, Myrtle and Mabel Naylor, my dad’s cousins, owned and operated a black resort up there during the twenties, thirties, and forties. As a child I actually attended that church three or four times when we lived in Tunkhannock. We used to visit the Reids and others.

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  2. Thanks for posting. We both like seeing these old photos. John remembers many of these men who were janitors at the high school. Our choir went there once for a service-lots of “Amens”

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