The Annual Moby-Dick Marathon



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Moby-Dick Marathon

The Bedford Whaling Museum presents their annual reading of Moby-Dick, or The White Whale.

The Origin of the Endless Mountains

Not long ago I started another history piece about Montrose, Pennsylvania, and I wanted to reference the Endless Mountains. Traditionally, this name refers to an area of Northeastern Pennsylvania that comprises the counties of Bradford, Sullivan, Susquehanna, and Wyoming. And it’s not really mountains, as much as endless ridges and valleys.  Elk Mountain, home to…

Two Experiments: Walden and Hospital Sketches

Although Walden by Henry David Thoreau has fascinated me for years, Louisa May Alcott’s Hospital Sketches is new to me. Obviously, many people know Alcott, another prominent writer from Concord, for Little Women. This past year my daughter read the book for the first time, which is much more than I can boast, but I’ve…

A DOUBLE HANGING for Cold-Blooded Murder for Money

The above headlined reached as far as Los Angeles, relating the hanging deaths of Cornelius Shew and James Eagan in Montrose, Pennsylvania, for the murder of Andrew J. Pepper, a wealthy Susquehanna County farmer, on January 9, 1900.  The crime occurred the night of October 9, 1897, with both defendants claiming robbery as their motive…

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